The Bicycle Thief

And Other Short Stories

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The Bicycle Thief
and Other Short Stories

A delightful collection of twelve short stories based in the heart of India.

A man who wakes up to read his own obituary in the newspaper; a woman who learns the meaning of life thanks to her stolen bicycle; a stern sub-inspector who is expected to rid a small town of a prowling leopard; a traumatized man who is intent on ending his life, thanks to his adulterous wife; a man who is willing to get his little finger chopped off in order to win his lady love; a pickpocket who can’t forget his art; a caterer who steals a dog for ransom—these are some of the characters from this collection of short stories. Some weird, some cranky, some adventurous—but all overwhelmingly familiar and believable.

The Bicycle Thief and Other Short Stories is Manish Sahu’s debut work. The stories which are all based in the heart of India, are earthy, amusing and very perceptive. Each tale is a slice of life from everyday India. You’ll find the book the perfect spicy accompaniment to chai and pakoras on a leisurely evening.


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About the Author

Manish Sahu started his career a copywriter in a mid-sized advertising agency back in the mid-1990s, where he specialised in marketing to rural-Indian audiences. He has worked as a freelance web and graphic designer for the past 17 years. His expertise also includes web programming and search engine marketing.

He has written a couple of feature-length screenplays and a number of short stories. The Bicycle Thief and Other Stories is his debut work. Manish Sahu lives in Beltarodi, a small village that lies on the outskirts of Nagpur city.

Delightful Stories

Check out what the fascinating stories in Manish Sahu's debut collection are all about.

Spot the Leopard

A leopard is on the prowl in a small town in Central India. Sub-inspector Shashibala must now manage the menace.

Who Killed Vidyasagar?

Vidyasagar wakes up to read his own obituary in the newspaper. Is he really alive or is he dead, he wonders...

No Rhyme nor Reason

What happens when you meet a person in a bar, who is adamant on ending his life?

The Bicycle Thief

Anamika's bicycle is stolen. And now she works out an innovative plan to get back at the bicycle thief.


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